Looking for new experiences during your stay in Punta Marina Terme?

Here you will find some of many activities available close to Hotel Oceanomare.

Punta Marina Terme has a rich sports and entertainment offering for families and the most demanding youths, with Beach Volley, Beach Tennis and water sports facilities. Last but not least, the renowned spa facility in Punta Marina Terme offers curative treatments for anyone with respiratory and rheumatoid problems.
Aside from all the sports activities you can do on the beach and in the pine woods, why not watch the sunrise from one of the suspended walkways on the seafront, take a tour of the military bunkers, used during the first and second world wars.

You can explore the natural beauty of Romagna’s coast, with long walks on the beach, or bike excursions along the numerous cycling paths. Alternatively you may choose to immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting historic sites and local cities of art, such as Ravenna, with its wonderful mosaics. But there’s more: have fun with all the family at numerous amusement parks in the area, try some Romagna cuisine in local restaurants, and much more.

Are you ready to explore the very best of what Punta Marina Terme has to offer?

Theme parks

Mirabilandia / Mirabeach

Italy's biggest amusement park

Here you will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience, where your imagination comes to life, for some adrenalin-fuelled fun.
With over 40 attractions, including roller coasters, rides that will get your adrenaline pumping, attractions for children and exciting shows, Mirabilandia has something for all tastes and ages. Along with Mirabeach, the aquatic theme park right next door, you will have the chance to cool down on hot summer days and enjoy a unique experience packed with fun and enjoyment.
Mirabilandia and Mirabeach also provide a vast range of services, including restaurants, souvenir stores, food courts and much more, for an immersive experience in an enchanting and fun atmosphere.

Ravenna Zoo Safari

A unique zoological park, where you can walk among lions and other wild animals.

This zoological park offers a unique immersive experience in nature and the animal kingdom. Here you can admire a vast range of animals, including lions, tigers, elephants and many other species that all live in open and natural spaces that reproduce their natural habitat.
What really makes the Ravenna Zoo Safari so special is the chance to walk among wild animals, along a series of naturalistic paths throughout the park. Here you can admire the lions as they bask in the sun, the giraffes as they stretch up to reach the leaves in tree tops, and many other species, in full safety.
The Ravenna Zoo Safari also offers a vast range of activities and attractions for visitors, including animal shows, adventure paths, and many more activities for all the family. Here children will learn and have fun at the same time, as they discover the animal kingdom in all its wondrous variety.
The Ravenna Zoo Safari is a unique and magical place, where you will make unforgettable memories among the wild animals, in a natural and safe environment.


One of Italy's best-loved and thrilling water parks!

Nestled on the splendid Riviera Romagnola, this water park offers a unique, fun and relaxing experience, thanks to its vast range of attractions and pools. Enjoy a day of sun and fun in the spectacular settings of this water park.
Acquafan offers a vast range of attractions to suit all tastes, including slides that will get your adrenaline pumping, pools where you can relax, lagoons for children, and many other attractions. Here you can go down breathtaking slides, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of pools and lakes, and have fun with your friends and family in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
Acquafan also provides high quality services, including food courts, changing rooms, restrooms and many other amenities, to make your day at the park even more pleasant and comfortable.
Acquafan is a unique and extraordinary place for a fun and relaxing experience in a spectacular setting.

Italia in miniatura

Italia in Miniatura is a theme park in Rimini, where you can discover Italy in a new and surprising way.

Italia in Miniatura is a theme park in Rimini, where you can discover Italy in a new and surprising way.
Here you can admire a vast collection of miniature models, perfect reconstructions of Italy’s most famous monuments, where you can discover the country in a unique and original way.
Italia in Miniatura is also home to a vast range of attractions that suit all tastes, including rides for younger guests, adventure paths, and many more fun activities.

Nature, art and culture


With its mosaics and monuments, eight of which are on the Unesco World Heritage list

World-renowned for its wonderful mosaics, Ravenna is a veritable jewel of Byzantine art and architecture.
The city is famous for its eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Basilica of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and the Arian Baptistery, to name but a few. For centuries, these monuments have been admired by visitors from all over the world, and continue to amaze and thrill history, art and architecture enthusiasts.
Architecture is not the only thing that makes Ravenna unique: its mosaics also bear testament to the extraordinary skills of artists that worked here over the centuries. Ravenna’s mosaics are considered to be some of the most beautiful and best preserved in the world; they are a unique example of Byzantine art. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to admire these incredible masterpieces in the National Museum of Ravenna, with its vast collection of mosaics and Byzantine art.
The city is also home to many other hidden treasures, including ancient churches, museums and gardens, just waiting to be discovered. Ravenna is a veritable cultural and artistic treasure trove, a place that enchants and amazes its visitors.

The Po Delta Park

A magical and captivating place, with breathtaking landscapes as far as the eye can see, including a series of oases, valleys, lagoons and canals, making it the ideal place for lovers of nature, walks and birdwatching.

Located in the Emilia Romagna region, in northern Italy, it is one of Europe’s biggest national parks and offers a unique immersive experience in nature. Here you can admire a vast range of wildlife and vegetation, including migratory birds, fish, aquatic plants, and numerous other species that live in harmony with the surrounding environment.
The Po Delta Park also has an extensive offering of activities for visitors, including excursions on foot or by bike along naturalistic paths, boat excursions along the canals and lagoons, and many other outdoor activities. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be in paradise here, with numerous bird species that can be observed in the wild.
The Po Delta Park is more than just a natural paradise: here you can also discover the region’s rich history and culture, by also visiting ancient hamlets, museums and monuments that make up the history of this unique land.
The Po Delta Park is an extraordinary place that offers a unique immersive experience in nature and culture, leaving you lost for words.


Little Venice

Comacchio is a unique and fascinating city, renowned for its canals, bridges and colourful houses. Here you can stroll along the beautiful seafront, admire the picturesque canals and valleys, and discover the city’s ancient history through its monuments and artistic treasures.
The town is also famous for its traditional cuisine, characterised by fresh fish-based dishes and typical local products, through which you can discover the region’s flavours traditions.
Comacchio is a fascinating city full of surprises, where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience as you discover the history, culture and beauty of the Emilia Romagna region.


Famous throughout the world for its ceramics

Faenza has a long tradition of ceramic production, dating back to the 14th century. The city has inspired some of the most beautiful works of art ever made, thanks to the skill of its artisans and their profound passion for this ancient trade.
Here you can visit the International Museum of Ceramics, home to a vast collection of ceramic artefacts from all over the world. You will also discover the secrets of ceramics in numerous artisan workshops dotted around the town.
Faenza is also a town with a rich history and culture, numerous monuments and places of interest for its visitors. You can stroll along the streets in the centre, admire the beauty of churches and historic buildings, and discover the town’s artistic richness in a multitude of exhibitions and cultural events that take place all year round.
Lastly, Faenza is also the ideal place for savouring the cuisine of Emilia, thanks to the rich variety of typical dishes in the town, served with quality wines made in the surrounding hills.


A characteristic Medieval hamlet

The town is nestled on a crest of rock and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Here you can stroll along the narrow alleyways of the historic centre, admire its ancient buildings and Medieval towers, and discover the beauty of the San Michele Arcangelo Church.
Brisighella has so much more to offer than its history and architecture: it is also the ideal location for immersing yourself in nature. The town is located at the foot of the Vena del Gesso Romagnolo Regional Park, a splendid protected area, with its rich variety of natural landscapes and wildlife.
Brisighella is also famous for the production of high quality extravirgin olive oil, which you can savour in the town’s numerous taverns and restaurants.
Brisighella is place where history, nature and good cuisine converge to offer you an unforgettable experience.


This city on the Adriatic coast is world-famous for its salt production

Here you can admire the ancient coastal salt pans, and discover all the allure and beauty of this activity dating back thousands of years.
The salt pans of Cervia are a veritable natural treasure, where the work of mankind becomes one with the beauty of surrounding nature. Here you can see the salt mounds and evaporation tubs, and discover all the secrets of sea salt production.
Cervia is more than a place of immense historic and cultural interest, it is also the ideal destination for a seaside vacation. The town is home to kilometres of sandy beaches, complete with all comforts and ideal for enjoying water sports or simply for relaxing in the sun.
Cervia is also famous for its typical cuisine, based on local products and flavours of the sea. Try fish specialities in the town’s numerous restaurants, served with excellent local wine.
Let yourself be enchanted by its beauty and allure.