An unforgettable breakfast

If you are looking for an unforgettable breakfast experience, our hotel in Punta Marina is the right place for you! Our breakfast hall has undergone a radical makeover, so that we can provide an even more complete and satisfying service.

The automatic orange juicer is especially worthy of mention: now you can prepare freshly squeezed and delicious juice all by yourself. We have also installed the brand new Breakfast Drink machine, so that you can make coffee, cappuccino, hot milk or chocolate, with high quality products.

Thanks to these new additions, your hotel breakfast in Punta Marina will be an even more pleasant and efficient experience. You can prepare your favourite beverages in just a few seconds, and enjoy a complete and delicious breakfast, fuelling up with all the energy you’ll need to start you day off on the right foot.

Discover our new breakfast room and start your day with a smile! Our hotel in Punta Marina looks forward to welcoming and serving you an unforgettable breakfast.